”MiTale- Interactive Speech Therapy Tool”

Natasha Tryggproject manager, graphics

Roosa Ruotsalainen lead speech therapist

Main team:

Jenny Wiikwriter, graphics

Markus Norrgrangraphics, animations

Teemu Seppälä – graphics, animations

Lotta  Green – audio

Software development by BitByByte Creations Oy

News: Project Sanalanka got a brand new name as newly established company MiTale Ltd. which focuses on gamification and interactive learning tools. The mission stays the same but the team has grown and new partners joined in.


Upcoming events:

ITK 2017 – Interactive Technology in Education 2017 conference
5th – 7th of April 2017 in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Past events:

10.03.2016 – Project was awarded The Best Educational Application at ICT ShowRoom 2016



The speech therapy in Finland is very common even among Finnish families with no other languages involved. Available therapy tools are not specifically designed for the Finnish speaking children, therefore we see a great need for creating this tool. The application will be used in a treatment of the delays in speech development, focusing on the contemporary communication methods and available technology while fully following the proven success of the speech therapy methods.

main menu2 squirrel scene3


  • The goal of the project is to produce the interactive book for the children with speech development challenges, for which this application will serve as a therapy tool. The book will have numerous mini-games through which the therapy methods will be fully implemented.
  • We wish to make a special contribution on the player’s own motivations in speech development, since the player should not be at all times aware that the therapy and controlled learning environment are taking place.

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Team who created the demo for Capstone-course (autumn 2015)

Natasha Tryggproject manager, graphics

Roosa Ruotsalainen lead speech therapist

Jenny Wiikwriter, character design

Markus Norrgrangraphics, animations

Lotta  Green – audio

Aleksi Viljanenlead programmer

Aleksi Ojaprogrammer

Olli Mannevaaraprogrammer

Johannes Henrikssonprogrammer

Jenni Pajustudent of logopedics, implementation of speech therapy methods

Meri Kraft – student of logopedics, implementation of speech therapy methods


You can follow the development of our application at: