My portfolio contains vast variety of game art that I have done for game projects as concept artist, character designer, environment artist, UI designer, animator – you name it! Therefore I wish to share just a few highlights of the projects and sketches that I enjoyed working on. If you wish to see more, follow my Instagram and Blog-page!

Moomin Under Sail


harbor_shipbuilding_720 image (5) moomin_undersail_map_screenshot01 moomin_undersail_reward_screenshot

Icons for player types for Kinrate

color_explorer color_daredevil color_arranger color_adventurer color_paladin color_sagecolor_musecolor_shepherd_brighter



acrobat adventurer arranger commander daredevil explorer mercenary muse paladin    sage      shepherd       warlord

Automatia – Cruel Fate’s venture


captain_digipainting2 francis portrait2 stagnino pirate3Rachel sneakpeekmap for automatia ui

Bottom of the Well


mad hatter   alice doll kickass

 Turku Castle in Your Hand – museum application

StartScreen PaintingMenu

animation left portrait animation of right painting2

Project Planet Shock




MiTale (Sanalanka) – Interactive Speech Therapy Tool

bear elephanttree_map



20160309_160100  20160310_145632

kitchen playroom


Random stuff 

portrait_sketch red queen asian_lady 1012  20120 22054monk portrait3 environment concept2 characters_clay2 clay_character concept_priestess2 warishere spookygirl_concept2 environment concept3