Current positions:

~ CEO and Creative Director at MiTale Ltd (

~ Founder & Concept Art Director of Red Nettle Studio (

~ Board Member of IGDA Finland (;

~ Board Member at Neogames Finland

~ Chairperson and founder of gamedev business cluster The HIVE – Turku Game Hub (

~ Co-Chair and founder of IGDA Game Art SIG with Chris Solarski (IGDA Switzerland).

~ Teacher at University of Turku, Department of Future Technologies with courses Game Design and Digital Art Master Class



Previous experience:

– CEO of Snowfall (

– COO at Snowfall (

– Project Manager & Graphics at Turku Game Lab.

– Freelance in game design and game concept art since 2012 to present.

Selected projects:

Turku Castle in Your Hand – museum application with variety of games using AR and VR technologies. Tasks in development: game design, lead 2D graphics, 2D animations, UI&UX design, game testing.

– Nizwa Castle – museum application for Nizwa castle in Oman. Tasks in development: game design, lead 2D graphics, UI&UX design.

Vares – tourist application – VR game design

Sanalanka – project lead; graphics lead; developing system for implementing Lingsoft speech-recognition services.

TimeTrek – educational interactive platform. Tasks: game design, lead graphics, UI design, VR 360′ experience for web-platform.

Fujitsu – Sote Peli – Tasks: UI design.

Life Before Death – web-application developed together with staff of University of Turku and Diak in Helsinki.

Neurocar – game testing.

Kirjasto peli – library game: graphics and UI design.

– Supervision of students’ thesis and game projects, teaching game design and technologies.


– “Number Navigation Game” by Mathematics Department at University of Turku; lead graphics (concept art, animations, UI&UX design).

– “The Bottom of the Well” is an interactive storytelling game, designed by the expert on post-apocalypse sci-fi literature, Petter Skult​

game is available for download on Mac, PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS) at the following link:

– “Walber’s Unit“; lead graphics (concept art, animations, UI). Making the demo of this game took part of Boost Turku Startup Journey 2015.

– “Tursas” is a medieval combat simulator by Mikko Lainio, Joni Salmela, Eero Hannula and Natasha Trygg. Prototype for a realtime RPG/Strategy game set in realistic low-fantasy medieval setting with aesthetics from medieval era wall art and paintings.

– “Salaperäinen Luostarinmäki” game project by Ahmed Abdulghani, Aaro Salonen. Aleksi Viljanen, Alice Girs, Johanna de Leeuw and Natasha Trygg. The aim of the project was to create a game based on the children’s book “Salaperäinen Luostarinmäki” by Maija-Leena Kero.

– “MiTale (Sanalanka)”, interactive book as a speech therapy tool for children of 3-6 years of age; project manager, game designer and lead graphics. Project got awarded as the best educational application at ICT ShowRoom 2016. The app is currently in development for Finnish market by MiTale Ltd (I am co-founder of the company).

– Game “Planet Shock” by developers “BitByByte Creations”; co-founder of the company.

– Game “C.L.A.Y.” made together with developers BitByByte Creations.


C.L.A.Y. received 3rd place at Demo Compo at Assembly 2018, game made together with BitByByte Creations.

– Sanalanka was awarded as best educational application at ICT Showroom 2016.

– The game “The Bottom of the Well” has received the first prize at IGDA Writing Competition, September 2015

The game writer and designer is one and only, Petter Skult.